Rogers Hornsby hits 3 home runs in 16-14 victory over Sharks

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All-Time Greats VI | Results

Rogers Hornsby slammed 3 home runs and had 7 RBI at Wrigley Field where the
The Black Watch Direwolves beat the Edmonton Sharks 16 to 14.

Hornsby really lit it up for The Black Watch. The Edmonton fans let him have
it for what he did to their boys. He hit a bases-empty home run in the 1st
inning, bombed a two-run dinger in the 2nd inning, lashed a single scoring
two baserunners in the 3rd inning, lifted one out of the park for a two run
home run (his 33rd of the season) in the 5th inning and smacked a one-base
hit in the 8th inning. The Black Watch kept the scorekeepers busy in the 1st
inning when they had 4 runs on 4 hits and the 3rd inning with 6 runs on 6
hits. Despite scoring in 5 separate innings, Edmonton could not get the win.

Jimmy Dygert(11-11) allowed 3 runs in 3 innings, and picked up the victory.
The losing pitcher was Fred Norman(7-11). He served up 3 gopher balls in 1
and 1/3 innings.

2010 Season

Stephen Strasburg strikes out 14 batters, beats CongressMen 2-0

Stephen Strasburg racked up an impressive total of 14 strikeouts and Shin-Soo
Choo lofted one into the ‘cheap seats’ and had 2 RBI at Petco Park where
the Sugar Lumps beat the Washington CongressMen by the score of 2 to

Strasburg(10-7) came through with a virtuoso performance against the
Washington hitters. He allowed only 5 hits and no walks in 8 and 1/3
innings. Overall Sugar out-hit Washington 9 to 5.

Strasburg got help from Andrew Bailey who was credited with his 29th save.
Anibal Sanchez(10-14) ended up with the loss. Strasburg was pleased with his
performance. He noted, ‘I had good command of all my pitches. Just as
important, my location was right on.’

Back to the ’90s

Mike Stanley homers twice in 6-5 loss to Strat Player

Gary Sheffield hit a homerun as the First Time Strat Player defeated the Back
to the Basics by the score of 6 to 5 at The Skydome

First Time tallied 3 runs in the 5th inning with the help of 4 hits. The
highlight belonged to Ron Karkovice, who silenced the stadium when he doubled
which was good for two runs. First Time out-hit Back to the for the game, 10
hits to 7.

Bob Tewksbury(14-9) got the win allowing 4 runs in 6 and 1/3 innings. Jim Gott
earned the save, his 3rd. Orel Hershiser(12-11) was the loser. He got hit
pretty hard, allowing 9 hits and 4 walks in 6 and 2/3 innings.

2007 Season

Aaron Rowand homers twice in 9-5 loss to Patriots

At US Cellular Field the Quebec Patriots easily handled the BOSTON BEES by
the score of 9 to 5.

Quebec took the lead for good in the 7th inning scoring a single run utilizing
2 base hits. Offensively, Quebec was a juggernaut. They scored in 6
separate innings.

Daisuke Matsuzaka(9-15) allowed 5 runs in 7 innings, and picked up the
victory. Francisco Cordero recorded the save, his 11th. Brian
Bannister(10-10) was the losing pitcher. He got hit pretty hard, allowing 9
hits and 2 walks in 6 and 1/3 innings.

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