Ralph Kiner blasts 3 home runs in 10-3 victory over Cubs 5

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All-Time Greats VI | Results

Ralph Kiner

Designated hitter Ralph Kiner smacked 3 home runs and had 9 RBI as the Captain
B’s Highwaymen outscored the reeling Tacoma Cubs 5 10 to 3.

Kiner had a great day at the plate. He had the crowd cheering his every move.
He doubled which was good for two runs in the 1st inning, lofted a three-run
bomb in the 4th inning, smacked a three-run homer in the 6th inning and
smashed a bases-empty ‘big-fly’ (his 57th of the season) in the 8th inning.
Captain B’s had 10 hits for the afternoon.

Bret Saberhagen(8-10) picked up the victory, allowing 3 runs in 8 and 1/3
innings. Jim O’Toole(9-12) was the loser. He got hit hard, allowing 9 hits
and 4 walks in 5 and 1/3 innings.

‘I felt great out there today’ Kiner said. ‘I was seeing the ball perfectly,
and I was right on it with my swing.

2010 Season

Adam Everett steals 4 bases in 5-3 loss to Winning Winners

Alex Rodriguez blasted 2 home runs and scored 4 times at Miller Park as the
Charlie’s Winning Winners beat the Killer’s Swan Song in 13 innings 5 to

The score was tied at 3 after nine. Charlie’s came out the victor in the 13th
inning. Rodriguez led off the inning for Charlie’s when he drew a walk.
After an out was recorded, Nick Swisher stepped up to the plate and he bombed
a two-run dinger (his 36th of the season) giving Charlie’s the win much to
the delight of the home town crowd. For the game Charlie’s out-hit Killer’s
13 to 6.

Joel Zumaya(7-2) went 2 innings allowing no runs for the win. Ryan Perry(2-6)
was the losing pitcher in relief. He pitched 1 inning and surrendered 1 hit
and 2 walks.

Back to the ’90s

Pedro Martinez grabs 29th win in 7-3 victory over el birdos

Pedro Martinez struck out 12 batters as the Halles Heroes 4 outscored the
Gateway el birdos 7 to 3.

Martinez(29-10) gave Halles a solid outing. He didn’t allow much, just 5 hits
and no walks in 9 innings and surrendered 2 home runs. Halles totaled 7 hits
on the afternoon.

The losing pitcher was Sid Fernandez(12-10). Everyone seemed to enjoy the
performance of Martinez – except Gateway. Rob Walters lamented, ‘He just was
‘on’ this afternoon. He was keeping our guys off balance all game. A fine
game by a good strikeout pitcher – makes it a fun game for the hometown fans
– unfortunately we were the visitors!’

2007 Season

Ryan Raburn blasts 2 home runs in 14-13 loss to Saddles

J. Saltalamacchia had 4 hits and 3 RBI as the Blazing Saddles defeated the Bye
For Now 7 in 10 innings by the score of 14 to 13 at Coors Field

The score was tied at 13 after nine. Blazing finally pulled the game out in
the 10th inning. Andre Ethier drew a walk. Ryan Church came to the plate
and doubled. Saltalamacchia then slapped a base-hit giving Blazing the
victory as 19,832 happy fans celebrated wildly. This was the kind of game
that many fans love as the lead changed hands 5 times.

The win was credited to Rudy Seanez(1-0) who went 1 inning allowing no runs.
Lenny Dinardo(3-4) ended up with the loss in relief.

Ryan Raburn smashed 2 home runs and had 6 RBI in a losing cause for Bye.

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