Cal Ripken Jr. launches 3 HRs in 14-13 loss to Bait

All-Time Greats VI | box score

Cal Ripken Jr.

Hack Wilson smacked 2 homeruns and had 4 RBI and Dave Giusti closed it out for
Shark as the Shark Bait defeated the Kalona CREEPERS by the score of 14 to 13
at Wrigley Field

Wilson was really in ‘the zone’. He lofted a solo-blast ‘downtown’ in the 1st
inning, slapped a base-hit resulting in a run in the 3rd inning and ripped a
solo home run (his 30th of the season) in the 7th inning. Kalona made it
exciting in the 9th, but they were unable to push the needed runs across.

The win went to Billy McCool(1-0) who allowed 3 runs in 2 innings. Giusti
earned the save, his 1st. Tommy John(0-1) took the loss. He got hit pretty
hard, allowing 9 hits and 2 walks in 5 and 2/3 innings.

‘Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals’ said Ray “Gay” Tinnian after the
game. ‘We lost this game today because we didn’t follow the instructions
every Little Leaguer hears every day.’

2010 Season

Ryan Zimmerman launches 3 HRs in 8-1 victory over Gillicks

Ryan Zimmerman launched 3 homeruns and had 4 RBI as the Fushun City Silver
Pandas outscored the Toronto Gillicks 8 to 1.

Zimmerman had a great day at the plate. He lined a one-base hit in the 1st
inning, cracked a solo homerun in the 3rd inning, doubled in the 5th inning,
lofted a solo-blast ‘downtown’ in the 8th inning and lifted one out of the
park for a two run home run (his 26th of the season) in the 9th inning.
Fushun City had 13 hits for the game and Toronto had 6.

Brian Duensing(7-7) went 6 and 1/3 innings allowing 1 run for the victory.
Clayton Richard(8-18) ended up with the loss. ‘Actually, I didn’t feel that
comfortable at the plate today’ Zimmerman said after the game. ‘Despite
that, I’m happy with the results!

Back to the ’90s

Jim Thome blasts 3 HRs in 18-5 blowout of Pigs

Third baseman Jim Thome launched 3 homeruns and had 4 RBI as the Triwood
Titans ballclub embarrassed the Plantation Pigs by the count of 18 to

Thome punished Plantation with his bat. He smashed a two-run homer in the 1st
inning, lofted a solo-blast ‘downtown’ in the 5th inning and smashed a
bases-empty ‘big-fly’ (his 37th of the season) in the 7th inning. Triwood
kept the scorekeepers busy in the 1st inning when they had 5 runs on 4 hits
and the 7th inning which saw them plate 6 runs on 5 hits. Triwood kept the
pressure on throughout the contest as they scored in 6 different innings.

The win was credited to Tom Glavine(9-6) who went 6 innings allowing 3 runs.
Wilson Alvarez(2-9) was given the loss. He pitched 2/3 of an inning and
surrendered 4 hits and 1 walk.

‘I felt great out there today’ Thome said. ‘I was seeing the ball perfectly,
and I was right on it with my swing.

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