Orel Hershiser notches 20th win in 4-3 victory over 2 stick it!

All-Time Greats VI | box score

Orel Hershiser

46,133 fans were treated to a fine game at Ebbets Field as only one run
separated the combatants at game’s end. The The Cleveland Experience won by
the slimmest of margins, 4 to 3.

Orel Hershiser(20-15) pitched a solid game. He went 8 innings surrendering 9
hits and 2 walks and was touched for 2 homeruns. Rob Dibble relieved and was
untouched by So we told em as he recorded the save, his 35th.

Jesse Tannehill(17-13) ended up with the loss. He allowed 3 homeruns in 8
innings of work.

2010 Season

David Ortiz blasts 3 HRs in 12-4 blowout of Bombers

First baseman David Ortiz slammed 3 homeruns at US Cellular Field as the
Franklin Parkers beat the 35th Street Bombers by the count of 12 to 4.

Ortiz was unconscious all day. The 35th Street fans hated to see him
approaching the batter’s box as he just kept delivering base hits! He doubled
which scored a run in the 3rd inning, lifted one out of the park for a two
run home run in the 5th inning, hit a bases-empty home run in the 8th inning
and caught a hold of a bad pitch for a Grand Slam homerun (his 4th of the
season) in the 9th inning. Offensively, Franklin was a juggernaut. They
scored in 6 separate innings.

The victory was credited to John Danks(2-0) who went 6 and 2/3 innings,
allowing 4 runs. Danks got relief help from Evan Meek who gained credit for
his 1st save. Felix Hernandez(0-2) was tagged with the loss. He served up 4
homeruns in his 8 and 2/3 innings.

Ortiz was in a good mood after the game, ‘I’m just seeing and hitting the ball
real well now. I made some adjustments last week and they are paying off.
That’s what this game is about. making adjustments as the season goes along.’

Back to the ’90s

Roger Clemens grabs 20th win in 7-5 victory over SuperStars

Roger Clemens went the distance at Veterans Stadium where the march
madness beat the Stratville SuperStars in 10 innings by the score of 7 to

The game was deadlocked at 5 after nine full innings. march came out on top
in the 10th inning. Wade Boggs opened up the inning nicely when he smacked a
single. After an out was recorded, Jim Edmonds came to the plate and cracked
a two-run shot (his 30th of the season). Both teams finished the game with
10 hits.

Clemens(20-8) picked up the complete game victory, allowing 5 runs. Carl
Willis(2-3) ended up with the loss in relief.

1999 Season

Greg Maddux notches 20th win in 2-0 victory over High Rollers

At Veterans Stadium the Atlantic City faithful were treated to an
intriguing pitcher’s duel. Greg Maddux(20-10) finally bested his Atlantic
City counterpart, Al Leiter(8-9), by the score of 2 to 0.

Daddy-Jacob came through with the game-winning runs in the 9th inning scoring
2 runs on 4 hits. John Olerud opened up the inning nicely when he stroked a
single. Hunter then stole second base. Two outs later Bret Boone came up
and he doubled which scored a run. Eddie Perez was up next and he delivered
a one-base hit scoring the final run of the inning. Daddy-Jacob finished
with 9 hits while Atlantic City ended up with 6.

Maddux got help from Bob Howry who was credited with his 19th save. Leiter
took the loss. He gave up 2 runs and 7 hits in 8 and 2/3 innings.

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